Tennis Court Maintenance Sussex

Tennis Court Maintenance Sussex - In order to have a tip top looking tennis court and playing surface, regular maintenance is vital. There are several services that we can offer you. Tennis court cleaning is the most commonly used service. Moss treating of your tennis court is crucial too, three times per year is recommended. After the deep cleaning process of your court has been completed, we can then repaint your court. Tennis court repainting not only improves the look of your tennis court but also the underfoot grip. At A1-Courts, we offer all of these maintenance services at very affordable prices. You can rest assured that every aspect of your tennis court needs will be discussed thoroughly with you and be of no obligation. We take tennis court maintenance very seriously and we can help prolong the life span of your tennis court avoiding the need for a costly resurface. In the winter months, having a maintenance plan in place for your tennis court becomes even more important as this is when the most damage can occur to the surface. It is highly recommended that tennis courts are moss treated pre winter time and then again in the spring time to help reduce moss build up on your tennis court surface.

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We will arrange an appointment at your convenience, free of charge and without any obligation, to view your tennis court and provide you with expert advice and recommendations, which will improve your tennis court surface and ultimately prolong its future life, omitting the need for expensive and at times unnecessary court resurfacing. Regular maintenance of your tennis court is vital, so get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements.

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