Tennis Court Maintenance Cobham

Tennis Court Maintenance Cobham - An essential maintenance service which will combat the nuisance of all types of moss, weed and algae that inevitably grows on all types of tennis court surfaces. Moss spores blow on to a courts surface from external grassy areas, so eliminating this problem is essential. Algae and moss typically grow more dense under areas which are shaded by trees, and our professional moss killing treatment will eradicate this issue. With this service, we also offer a complimentary net post mechanism treatment to ensure its in correct working order. Another service we offer at A1-Courts is high power pressure cleaning. This cleaning service completely removes all contamination from your tennis court surface. The cleaning process removes all moss spores, dirt and algae that typically appears on all tennis courts. These services are all crucial to the upkeep of all tennis court surfaces whether they are macadam, synthetic, polymeric or acrylic. High power pressure cleaning can be carried out on its own, or after a pre clean moss treatment application. Pressure cleaning can be done in any weather conditions barring frost. At A1-Courts we use high quality specially adapted pressure washers that are ideal for removing even the toughest moss spores. Before pressure cleaning takes place, we always assess the courts surface prior to make sure that the surface is sound enough to withstand this service, which very rarely causes an issue. We always apply a complimentary residual anti moss treatment to the courts surface after cleaning to help repel further contamination.

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We will arrange an appointment at your convenience, free of charge and without any obligation, to view your tennis court and provide you with expert advice and recommendations, which will improve your tennis court surface and ultimately prolong its future life, omitting the need for expensive and at times unnecessary court resurfacing. Regular maintenance of your tennis court is vital, so get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements.

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