Tennis Court Line Marking Surrey

Tennis Court Line Marking Surrey - We use LTA and SAPCA approved non slip acrylic or polyurethane paint, which will restore and enhance your current set of lines to a professional standard. We offer various line colours which are typically used on multi use surfaces and courts. We can adjust the base line width on any tennis court to suit your needs if required. Line painting can be used either as a single service to replace existing fading lines, which is essential for underfoot grip, or is offered as part of our court colouring service. Renewing the tennis lines on your court will also improve its overall appearance. Prior to line painting or total court painting, we prepare your surface by high power pressure cleaning the entire surface. Pressure cleaning the surface this way removes all unwanted debris from the courts pores such as dirt, mulch and moss spores. It is vital that the court surface is cleaned prior to painting to remove these contaminants otherwise they will be sealed in and cause the paint not to adhere properly. A1-Courts also use high grade commercial anti moss products that can be applied to the surface once the painting and line marking is complete, this will help protect the surface and the paint for longer too.

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