Pressure Cleaning Tennis Court Surrey

Pressure Cleaning Tennis Court Surrey - This service is used to professionally deep clean the tennis court surface, removing slippery surface moss, algae, and all dirt from the surface pores. This specialist cleaning service will not only improve the look of your court, but more importantly it will significantly improve the playing surface creating greater under foot grip, ultimately leading to less slipping incidents and overall better playing conditions. Your tennis court will also benefit from increased porosity after this service, which will create longevity to the courts surface. Prior to pressure cleaning your tennis court, we can apply a commercial grade anti moss and algae treatment to your tennis court. This treatment applied to live moss spores on the courts surface will kill off the spores with one week. Once the moss spores have been killed off, we then book a visit to pressure clean away the dead moss spores which remove from the surface once dead so much easier. This trusted maintenance method protects the surface as dead spores remove easier than stubborn green live moss spores and require less harsh pressure cleaning. We recommend cleaning your court once annually, with the moss treatment service applied three times annually which will help give your court all year round protect.

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We will arrange an appointment at your convenience, free of charge and without any obligation, to view your tennis court and provide you with expert advice and recommendations, which will improve your tennis court surface and ultimately prolong its future life, omitting the need for expensive and at times unnecessary court resurfacing. Regular maintenance of your tennis court is vital, so get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements.

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