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Our Services.

All of our maintenance services are carried out to the highest standards that you would expect. Please take the time to see below exactly what services we offer:

FREE Court Analysis and Recommendations

We will arrange an appointment to visit you at your convenience, free of charge, to view your court and give you our expert advice and recommendations to improving court conditions.

High Pressure Cleaning

This service involves the use of a high pressured cleaning machine which is petrol run, to remove surface dirt, moss, and any stubborn algae. The service will not only improve the look of your court, but more importantly it will significantly improve the playing surface thus creating greater under foot grip, ultimately leading to less slipping accidents. Your court will also benefit from increased drainage after this service, and can even prevent future costly re-surfacing.

Moss/Weed Killing

An essential maintenance service provided to combat the nuisance of all types of stubborn moss, weed, and algae that inevitably grows on all types of courts. With this service, we offer a Free net post and mechanism treatment to ensure correct working order, please be aware that most other companies charge for this as a seperate service.

Court Colouring

This procedure can be used after the pressure cleaning service or just on its own. The end result will dramaticaly improve the courts look, and again add vital under-foot grip. This service can include if necessary, a polyurethane binder, which is sometimes used on older courts to prolong the surface's life.

Court Patching

Older courts can often start to crack or break up if not properly maintained. If your court has holes or cracks appearing we can treat and patch these areas and even re-colour them afterwards if necessary. This service is important for obvious safety reasons.

Re-surfacing and New build court construction

We undertake all re-surfacing work and new build requests


All fencing repairs carried out, service also includes iron work replacement or re-painting if required.

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